Monday, November 10, 2014

Montegrappa Pens Symbolize Italian Finesse

Montegrappa Pens are the oldest and the most famous pens of Italy renowned for their extraordinary designs and superior quality. These pens were made by the union of Heinrich Helm, a German engineer and Alessandro Marzatto, a Veneto businessman. The pens are named after Italy's oldest fountain pen manufacturing company, Montegrappa which is originally named after a famous mountain in the landscapes of Italy. Montegrappa was founded as the "manufacturer of gold and fountain pens" in 1912. These pens embody the Italian heritage and legacy. The products are manufactured in the original company which is located by the river Brenta in the North eastern part of Italy. The company started gaining fame during World War 1. In 1930, the company enjoyed its key position, because at this period fountain pens were most widely used.

Montegrappa Pens gained popularity because of their quality and their sober designs. The precise manufacturing techniques of these pens have added to its credibility. With these beautifully carved pens in the middle of your finger, you will enjoy the bliss of beautiful writing experience. These pens are for people who are valued and reputed in the society as they are much more than mere writing instruments. They symbolize classical tastes complemented with modern luxuries.

After so many years of preserved excellence, the brand is still known for its A- class accessories and luxurious goods. Montegrappa Pens still continues to carry the legacy and maintains the superior craftsmanship and designs exclusive pens for every individual who values luxury. The brand manufactures a regular range of products for people who wish to indulge in the daily luxuries and a limited editions range which is inspired by the ancient passions for writing and some great moments of the past. The pens are available in variety of shapes, designs and colors. The high quality nibs which are generally gold nibs add elegance to them. The pens have exteriors which are manufactured with gold and other high quality metals.

Montegrappa pens are still known for their unsurpassed quality and the materials used for making these pens. The striking features and the ease and comfort of writing with them are remarkable. The limited editions generally are based on people or things which have historical importance such as classical Greece and tribute to ballet. The classic collection also features the best quality pens with fantastic features. The barrels of the pens are made with high quality materials such as Yellow celluloid, yellow gold and diamond or can also be silver enameled. The caps can either be silver enameled or made of yellow gold and silver. The clips can be of sterling silver or any other high quality metal depending on the theme of series. Thus, Montegrappa pens can add to the style and repute of an individual with its superior designs and features.

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